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NSW Premium Incentives Summary

NSW workers compensation has seen significant change in the last 24 months & it is difficult for businesses to stay updated. Under current NSW legislation, there are various different incentives that can reduce premiums payable. To make things easy we have summarised each incentive.

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Safety Regulators Crackdown

Did you know that certain state Safety Regulators are cracking down on safety for specific industries? Due to a recent series of serious injuries & fatalities, the industries in focus are Construction in NSW as well as Retail & Transport in WA.

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Machinery & Equipment Dangers

Employees who operate machinery & equipment as part of their job are at risk of major injury if the correct safety precautions are not taken. There are specific laws for working with machinery & equipment. Recent data from SafeWork NSW highlight risks.

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Increasing Workers Claim Fraud

According to a recent article there has been a significant increase in complaints in relation to workers compensation claims fraud. Fraudulent claims include claiming for a non-work related injuries, failure to declare information, altering medical certificates, etc. The recent conviction of a fraudulent worker highlights the emphasis placed on legitimate claims.

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Notification Only Changes

Guidelines for Claiming Workers Compensation  released by SIRA  in 2016, effective 30 June 2017 there will be important changes to Notifications. With NSW insurers now required to contact the injured worker and employer, clarity will be critical.

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