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Workers Compensation Review

Review and Workers Compensation Optimisation

As workers compensation specialist consultants, ABILITY GROUP can review your current processes, premium arrangements or implement claims and injury management strategies to optimise your workers compensation program and in the majority of situations save you money.

Workers compensation is a controllable expense, yet most businesses view it as uncontrollable due to believing it is just a cost of doing business and more like a tax.  It is commonly the highest insurance spend and it is usually the second highest business cost after employee wages.  Many find workers compensation frustrating, confusing and is often under resourced and misunderstood. Reductions in workers compensation claims and premiums will have a direct positive impact on your profitability and people.

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Work Health & Safety

 WHS (previously known as OHS)

In NSW new Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws replaced the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws on 1 January 2012. The new laws (Work Health and Safety Act 2011will provide greater consistency, certainty and clarity across Australia making it easier to understand your workplace health and safety duties.

The best way to avoid workers compensation claims is to prevent them.  Ensuring you have a safe work environment, your employees are adequately trained and appropriate business procedures are in place will help you save money. ABILITY GROUP has WHS experts who are experienced nationally in helping maintain costs at a sustainable level by managing business and financial aspects in harmony with injured employees.  

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Business Intelligence

With the pressures of business competition continually increasing, effective usage of your data to drive business performance is an essential organisational capability to remain competitive. Business Intelligence (BI) is broad-reaching and when tailored to suit your specific needs, BI can provide competitive advantage, greater organisational insights and improved performance.

We possess experience and specialist abilities in enhancing BI or Information Management (IM) systems and capabilities to assist you in your BI and organisational evolution.

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Transformation & Change

The business landscape continues to experience constant change, yet often internal capabilities are slow to respond due to pre-existing internal commitments, constraints or objectives. With extensive experience in orgainsational, cultural and process transformation, ABILITY GROUP can assist you in ensuring your next change agenda is effective.

We can work with businesses to facilitate successful change by helping to maximise the productivity of their people.

ABILITY GROUP offer personalised service, affordability, experience and resources required to achieve sustainable change.

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