Monthly Archives: January 2014

Exercise for Work Life Balance

Work Life BalanceRecent research found workers who regularly exercise reap rewards in the work life balance struggle most people face today. The study also found that employees who dedicated time in their day to exercise were more productive, confident, happier and less stressed. Last month we touched on workplace health programs where investing in your people leads to a more engaged workforce who are less likely to make workers compensation claims.

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Workplace Health Program

ABILITY GROUP - Invest in your peopleWith commitment, New year resolutions are way to make positive changes. In January, many businesses also consider what they can do to improve performance and their workplace. Given the many benefits, implementing a workplace health program can be a great investment to your most valuable asset, your people. A workplace health program is an activity or range of activities that aim to support and promote the health of employees. These can be something simple and low cost, like providing fruit at work or providing opportunities for physical activity at lunchtimes.

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Heat Stress Safety Warning

ABILITY GROUP - Heat Stress SafetyAs recent temperatures have soared across Australia, it is important for businesses to understand the potential impacts heat stress can have on employees. Working in intense heat over long periods increases the normal body temperature and in a worst-case situations can lead to heat stroke and possible death. Heat stress and fatigue can also impair workers thinking and thereby increase the risk of workplace injury, errors or accidents.

Are you and your employees at risk?

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year - 2014In 2014 you can expect ongoing change for workers compensation both in NSW and nationally. Agents (Insurers) of NSW WorkCover have recently submitted their expressions of interest in retaining their licences and the industry is hotly discussing the changes that might take place.

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