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Terminating Injured Employees

Are you considering terminatingWorkers compensation injuries have personal and financial impacts for the injured employee as well as their employer. At times and depending on the circumstances, it can be difficult for businesses to create suitable duties and effectively manage this process. When such situations become increasingly frustrating for a business to manage, we occasionally get asked about the process of terminating injured employees.

This is a complex area and needs to be treated with a high degree of caution, sensitivity and consideration.

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ABILITY GROUP Saves Client $165,000

Cutting Costs SuccessIn June 2014 ABILITY GROUP were engaged by a new client to undertake a strategic review of their workers compensation. Recently we advised the Managing Director that our efforts delivered $165,000 of workers compensation related savings.

In undertaking our review we commenced by investing time to meet with our new client and to obtain a detailed understanding of their business, workers compensation pain points as well as what outcomes they were ideally seeking.

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Workers Compensation Claim Investigation

InvestigationsWe are increasingly finding situations where we need to engage the specialist assistance of our preferred investigators, Insight Intelligence, to minimise the business and financial impacts of workers compensation claims.

Inevitably due to circumstances in the workplace, launching an investigation to gather documented evidence from a claimant, witnesses or employer is required to assist in determining appropriate liability or actions required. Investigations can be either factual or surveillance in nature.

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SA Workers Compensation Scheme Update

SA Workcover ChangesOn 6 August changes were tabled for the South Australian Workers Compensation Scheme. The changes relate to The Return to Work (RTW) Bill 2014 and SA Employment Tribunal Bill 2014. Referred to as exciting, the proposed RTW Bill recognises providing the right services and support to the worker and employer are critical to improving recovery and RTW outcomes.

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