Monthly Archives: October 2014

Improve Workplace Safety Via Online System

WHS OnlineThe effort required to meet legislative Work Health & Safety (WHS) requirements (with traditional paper based policies, procedures and management systems) can become problematic and time consuming. Smart businesses therefore seek ways to simplify workplace safety and minimise the time required to manage their WHS related processes. At ABILITY GROUP we believe businesses should spend time constructively working towards workplace safety rather than wasting time unnecessarily managing these processes. The use of an online WHS system with integrated reminders can streamline processes and allow businesses to focus on their core business activities.

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Workstation Ergonomic Assessment

Ergomonic AssessmentsIt is common to hear of employees suffering various aches or pains. Typical complaints include back, shoulder, neck, wrist and forearm pains. If left unattended they can become injuries and subsequent workers compensation claims. A workstation or ergonomic assessment is designed to minimise the risk of injury and increase employee productivity. To find guidelines and suggestions please read more.

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Vehicle Safety Reminder

Safety Reminder - Beware of vechilesA tragic SA accident resulting in the death of a 21 y.o is a grim reminder of the need work safety around vehicles. Accidents occur and consequences can regrettably have lifelong effects. Despite the obvious traumatic consequences of serious or fatal accidents, business owners can face severe fines and it is important business owners take steps to protect the safety of their workers.

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