Monthly Archives: November 2014

NSW Workers Compensation 2015 Agents Announced

NSW WorkCoverEarlier today WorkCover NSW announced 2015 Scheme Agent Deed and changes associated with the submissions made earlier this year by existing and new insurers/agents for NSW Workers Compensation licences.

Effective from 1 January 2015, there will only be 5 NSW Scheme Agents (reduced from 7 currently operating) with resulting changes to impact a significant number of NSW businesses.

We believe it is important brokers/advisers/businesses understand what the changes announced today mean. Also find out which existing insurers will exit the NSW Workers Compensation scheme and understand more about today’s 2015 Scheme Agent Deed.

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Renewals Before 31 December

Renewals before 31 DecemberDecember is the second largest workers compensation renewal period in NSW and in light of the today’s 2015 NSW Scheme Agent Deed changes, impacted businesses may want to choose which insurer manages their critical workers compensation insurance. Now could also be a perfect time for a proactive workers compensation review to ensure you have the best deal.

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Choosing A Workers Compensation Insurer

Choosing An InsurerABILITY GROUP specialise in supporting businesses of all sizes across industries and therefore have interactions with all key insurers/agents. Despite workers compensation being regulated insurance, not all workers compensation insurers are the same. ABILITY GROUP assist businesses select the insurer best suited to their needs, circumstances and often secure additional valuable benefits.

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