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Long Term Employment Trends

Employment TrendsRecruitment and workforce related decisions have always been key decisions for businesses. The continuing changes in local and global economies means these decisions become even more important. The ability to identify the right employees and subsequently keep them can avoid considerable costs, effort and frustration. So what are the long term employment trends in Australia? With the retirement age progressively being increased by the Australian government and greater use of temporary employees, the Australian workforce dynamics continue to evolve. One of Australia’s leading, and at times controversial, journalist recently covered this topic and we believe these trends are having and will continue to have impacts on workers compensation.

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Right Employment Choices Made Easier

Right ChoiceWe talk with businesses of all sizes across industries and many decide not to invest in pre-employment assessments or medicals before hiring employees.

We also regularly speak with businesses that end up paying significantly more due to the impacts from what at times are predictable workplace injuries and resulting workers compensation claims.

Need help making the right employment choices easier?

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Improve Productivity Reduce Absenteeism

Healthy WorkersBusinesses often seek ways to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism. What might surprise many is that a recent study found obese workers took 90% more sickies than normal weight employees. Research also show that Australian businesses with a successful work health program can experience up to 3 times higher productivity, lower sick leave and injuries, as well as better employee morale.

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ABILITY GROUP Saves Client $160,000

Reduce Claims Cost SuccessABILITY GROUP was engaged by a client to manage a claim for a worker who had injured their knee. The prognosis involved surgery and a lengthy return to work process. Our intervention in managing this claim delivered $160,000 of workers compensation related savings.

Needless to say our client was extremely pleased they engaged our specialist Injury/Claim Management Service in intervening with this situation.

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