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NSW Workers Compensation Changes

NSW WorkCover Med-Large ChangesIn January we communicated Upcoming NSW Workers Compensation Changes and how these were likely to impact medium to large NSW businesses. On 18th May 2015, Vivek Bhatia (CEO of WorkCover NSW) confirmed these changes and ABILITY GROUP believe they represent the most dramatic changes in 20+ years. So what are the changes?

From 30 June 2015 onwards, the premium calculation for businesses with a NSW premium > $30,000 (i.e. medium and large businesses) change completely. In short the new premium formula is intended to reward businesses with fewer claims and a strong return to work performance. Businesses however that struggle with claims are expected to be penalised. The sweeping changes also impact what is included in premium claims costs, the view of industry, size, etc.

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Suspicious Claim Investigation

Suspicious Claim InvestigationsThe upcoming NSW medium to large business workers compensation changes mean the assessment of liability will be become increasingly critical. The ability to identify and document the facts of an injury can become crucial in minimising the future costs, speed of return to work and acceptance of liability. Employers who are suspicious of particular claims will benefit from use of investigators.

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Improve Workplace Health

Improving Workplace HealthAccording to NSW Government’s Get Healthy At Work, Australians spend one third of their lives at work, so being healthy at work can have some big benefits. Healthier employees are alert, fitter and more resilient against illness. A successful workplace health program improves productivity, attracts new employees, enhances business image and reduces absenteeism.

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Difficult Claim Intervention

Claim InterventionDifficult workers compensation injuries and claims can have a dramatic people, business and financial impacts that can cause problems for your customers/clients.  ABILITY GROUP specialises in providing a variety of injury and claim management related services that assist businesses and brokers navigate the complexities of workplace injuries and workers compensation claims in achieving favourable outcomes and allowing them to focus on their core business. As an example, 9 months after the original injury ABILITY GROUP was engaged to assist a client with a difficult workers compensation claim. Our client had typical time pressures and with the injured worker continuing to be paid, claim costs were escalating.

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