Monthly Archives: June 2015

Reforms Causing Premium Increases

Reforms Causing Premium Increases From 30 June 2015, the calculations for NSW businesses with a premium > $30,000 change completely. The new key drivers of premium become:

– Wages and business activity

– Claim performance now benchmarked against scheme rather industry

– Return to Work related metrics

The most significant changes in 20+ years were intended to simplify NSW workers compensation, but they are being referred to as complex and confusing. Although various claim costs are no longer premium impacting, some of the more dramatic premium increases will result from how an individual business compares to the overall NSW scheme performance. Businesses that struggle with claims will be penalised.

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WorkCover Appeals

WorkCover AppealsVarious sections of the NSW Workers Compensation Act 1987 allow a business to lodge a WorkCover appeal. We have seen the upcoming changes already impact some businesses as they face financial pressure caused by higher premium and there could be grounds for appeal. Although circumstances are often unique, ABILITY GROUP has a successful record in winning appeals on behalf of clients.

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Changes Complex & Confusing

Changes Too Complex & ConfusingThe 30 June 2015 NSW changes include a new formula to calculate premiums with a range of new metrics replacing traditional measures. Although designed to make premiums easier to understand, many people are saying the actual result is wide of this mark. In a recent report WorkCover Independent Review Officer (WIRO) labelled some workers compensation changes as too complex and confusing.

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Making Complex Simple

Making Complex SimpleWorkers compensation and related matters are often complex and confusing. Engaging specialists can assist in saving you money, effort and frustration. ABILITY GROUP has a history of delivering tangible benefits to both clients and partners. If your time is valuable and workers compensation or related matters are distractions from your core business, you could benefit from specialist assistance.

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