Monthly Archives: October 2015

NSW Scheme Reform Checklist

ChecklistDespite the NSW scheme changes taking effect back on 30 June 2015, the majority of medium to large NSW businesses are yet to receive their 2015/16 premium renewals. With iCare now authorising the NSW insurers to start processing 2015/16 renewal notices the challenge they now face is there is a 3-4 month backlog. Given the events over the last 4 months, we have covered this inside out. To help make these changes easier to understand, ABILITY GROUP provide a quick reference list below for our clients and partners:

1) Reforms are causing increases & Renewal Premium Increases

2) Renewal Capping & Appeals

3) New Premium Scheme Transition

4) NSW WorkCover becomes 3 new organisations

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Injured Worker Reforms

Injured Worker ReformsDescribed as landmark changes for injured workers, several reforms commenced on the 16 October 2015. These reforms are to benefit injured workers with the highest needs, those with injuries in returning to work and most importantly apply these benefits equitably for all injured workers. Changes are also being made to weekly benefits, Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s) and retiring age. We explain these changes in more below. 

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NSW Employer Reforms

Employer ReformsThe Minister of Finance, Dominic  Perrottet, & the NSW Government have been driving reform to make it easier and cheaper to do business in NSW. Reforms have been diverse with workers compensation a beneficiary. As previously covered, workers compensation reforms are designed to reward the good and penalise the poor performers. Despite suggestions most businesses would pay lower premiums, the insurers have advised us that approximately 75% of medium to large NSW business will see increased 2015/16 Renewal premiums.

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National Work Safety Month

Work Safety MonthOctober is Australia’s Work Safety Month and the theme of “Be Safe. Be Healthy. Because…” is something we here at ABILITY GROUP are passionate about. What is also important about workplace safety is the consequences injuries have to workers. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, or in the tragic situations of a workplace fatality, government bodies can issue businesses material fines to complement the other effects.

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