Monthly Archives: February 2016

Health Ability Welcomes Tania

Profile - Tania (Square)We are excited to welcome Tania to ABILITY GROUP. After 4 years as a clinical physiotherapist, Tania joins HEALTH ABILITY as a specialist rehabilitation consultant. With expertise in assessing and treating a variety of injuries, impairments and conditions, Tania’s professional and enthusiastic approach will assist in accelerating the return to work of injured workers following a workplace injury.

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Work Capacity Decisions

WCC DecisionA decision made by Workers Compensation Commission Deputy President O’Grady in Sabanayagam v St George Bank Ltd [2016] on 21 January 2016 has resulted in important changes for NSW businesses. Effective immediately, any decision to cease a workers’ weekly payments of compensation need to be communicated via a Work Capacity Decision (WCD).

This decision is important as it effectively means a legislated 3 month period is required for the WCD to be completed. In context of the 30 June 2015 changes and therefore under the new NSW workers compensation premium formula, it means the additional wage costs will impact a business’ workers compensation premium for the following 3 premium renewals. As a result it is will be increasingly important to ensure all claims are managed in a timely and effective manner. Use of specialists to expedite outcomes will assist businesses in minimising the people, business and financial costs.

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Onsite Physio Benefits

Onsite Physio Benefits8+ million Australians go to work each day with many in manual or sedentary workplaces. Mounting evidence supports onsite physio as a strategy to minimise workplace injuries. With an average of 1/3 of an individual’s life spent at work, it is becoming vital for businesses to adopt measures to prevent, manage and educate employees regarding their health. Using a physio in the workplace is a preventative strategy for businesses wanting to minimise costs, reduce workers compensation claims and more.

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Introducing Andrea

Profile - Andrea (Square small)Andrea joined ABILITY GROUP in September 2015 as our Office Manager. Supporting our growing businesses keeps Andrea very busy and many of our clients and partners would have either spoken with Andrea, met her via email or in person.

Originating from Columbia, Andrea studied law before immigrating to Australia. Andrea expertise spans HR, customer service, business administration, finance and related matters.

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