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The Silly Season – Have Fun Be Safe!

Christmas Party - Have Fun Be SafeIt isn’t surprising Australians call the December to January period the silly season. It is one of the busiest times of the year and most dangerous months for workers. With workers stressed about competing demands, psychologists also suggest it is important to be aware of mental health in the workplace as well as physical injuries.

Year-end celebrations are a chance to relax and unwind following a busy business year. Although no one wants to be a wet blanket, employers need to be aware of their duty-of-care obligations during year-end functions. Duty of care comes under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and employers are responsible for their workers, whether their year-end celebrations or functions are held on or offsite

Avoid potential serious situations or workers compensation issues by taking time to read some key articles from leading sources.

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Avoid Looking Like Santa

The festive season is a peak time for weight gain. During the festive season, a typical Australian Christmas day is often centred around family, friends, eating and drinking. For many of us it is the culmination of weeks of socialising and overindulging.

After gaining around 2kgs, many people’s NY resolution is to try and lose this weight during the remainder of the year.

So if you want to avoid looking more like Santa than you would like read more.

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Don’t Forget Workers Compensation

ABILITY GROUP | Don't forget workers compensationDon’t Forget Workers Compensation

It seems both June and December are always hectic with either the build-up to financial year end or the holiday period. With June being the largest and December the second largest workers compensation renewal periods, proactively reviewing your workers compensation in a couple of months in advance will help ensure you aren’t wasting valuable money.

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