Monthly Archives: February 2017

icare Change Update

icare recently held NSW briefing sessions to update consultants / brokers on the upcoming changes regarding the insourcing of premium & credit/payment functions from insurers. A phased approach is hoped to facilitate a smooth transition. In the next few weeks the new portal will be launched for new business only, this is for new companies taking out a policy for the first time.  The next major phase of change is currently scheduled for April, where all client renewals will be managed through icare for the financial year 2017-18.

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Mental Health

Mental health issues are the 3rd most frequent health condition after cancer & health disease.  This means supervisors are likely to be managing workers suffering from a mental illness. We have identified common mental health hazards & workplace risk mitigation strategies.

An increasing concern for many businesses are the risks of mental health related incidents, injuries and resulting workers compensation claims. We have covered this topic previously and with psychological claims being 7-8 times more expensive than physical injuries the impacts of being reactive is a risk too large for many businesses.

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Fall Related Incidents

Recently we have been involved with an increased number of fall related incidents. The injuries sustained, & the resulting workers compensation claims, can often be complex & costly. In addition to claim related costs, employers also face material fines for unsafe work sites.

After providing advice and support recently to various clients with workers having sustained injuries (5 metre + 10 metre falls to concrete and an employee falling down fire escape), we wanted to provide greater insights into fall related incidents.

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Wage Audits – We Can Help

Like other audits, a workers compensation wage audit can be very stressful & confronting. Businesses face having to pay higher unpaid premiums, late payment fees & the actual audit costs. We assist businesses of all sizes either pre or post wage audits reduce their financial exposure.

iCare and its scheme agents have legal rights to audit employer’s records to ensure they are paying the correct premium.

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