Monthly Archives: March 2017

icare update – NSW Transaition

From 1st March 2017 all new NSW workers compensation policies are required to be lodged directly to icare via their online portal. Businesses retain an option to select which insurer will manage their claims. Renewing policies from 30 April will transition.

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Claim Declinature

The Christmas – New Year period has historically proven to be a busy period for workers compensation. Due to a variety of reasons, we see a higher frequency of claims during this period. Last December and just before Christmas break / public holidays, one of our clients had a psychological claim lodged against them. The worker had been terminated two weeks prior to the claim being lodged.

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Meet Sean

Sean is HEALTH ABILITY’s newest team member and physiotherapist.  After playing soccer & futsal throughout his youth, Sean’s lifestyle is health, fitness & wellbeing focused. Sean is regularly in the gym, outside hiking or cycling. Sean’s other passions include nutrition and pilates.

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NSW Workers Compensation Scheme Review

A NSW Parliamentary review of Workers Compensation Scheme has been released providing recommendations to improve the NSW scheme. The report revealed the scheme is $1.87B in surplus, claims have reduced materially (110,000 in 2011/12 to 60,000 in 2015/16).

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CGU Exit NSW Workers Compensation

With continued market speculation, earlier today it has been confirmed that CGU will exit the NSW workers compensation scheme when their agency agreement with icare expires at the end of 2017.

Per our previous articles and as recently as our February 2017 Update, it was expected that the current 5 agents (Allianz, CGU, EML, GIO & QBE) would reduce to 3 agents for 2018.

With the announcement of CGU’s decision to exit the scheme questions will be asked as to if icare will be happy with 4 agents at approximately 45% market share or if they will pursue the anticipated reduction to 3 agents.

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