ABILITY GROUP SuccessABILITY GROUP Saves Newest Client $350,000

We want to share our latest client success story where last Friday we presented to the CEO of our newest client that we have delivered $350,000 (1st year refund in round terms) of workers compensation premium related savings. Our client’s CEO and board are ecstatic, having since signed ABILITY GROUP as their specialist workers compensation partner on a long term service agreement to ensure sustainability of their program.

Case Study

Employer with approximately 150 staff who’s previous broker didn’t offer workers compensation services and tried to assist as  the client’s premium doubled over a 3 year period. After winning this client, our broker partner recommended the client engage ABILITY GROUP to discuss the range of specialists workers compensation services and solutions. The client was initially hesitant given the previous broker experience and their workers compensation assistance had been unable to assist.

Following our introductory meeting to understand the client’s needs, their business and history, ABILITY GROUP reviewed their workers compensation program and by leveraging our specialist knowledge, experience and network, identified strategies to optimise their workers compensation program.

Our initial review and efforts identified $150,000 of 1st year workers compensation premium savings which impressed the CEO, however after our detailed review, we were excited to meet with the CEO again to advise that we had been able to increase the initial saves in round terms to deliver $350,000 of premium related refunds. Our client the CEO and her board are ecstatic, having since signed ABILITY GROUP as their specialist workers compensation partner on a long term service agreement to ensure the ongoing stewardship and sustainability of their program.

Need specialist advice?

Approaching 30 June, it is perfect timing to proactively talk with about workers compensation, the upcoming changes and the benefits you might be able to secure via our specialist knowledge, skills and services.

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