Caution SignBusiness in workers compensation trouble

Accidents can happen in the work place or environment your people are exposed to.  This story resonated with us as we have sadly seen a claim where an accident resulted in the death of young apprentice, aged 16.  Every business needs to be aware of their obligations to the safety of their people and even more diligent with the young apprentices who need training, support and mentoring.

At ABILITY GROUP we understand that for businesses their core functions aren’t workers compensation. Whilst apprentice wages are excluded from premium calculations (refer your wages declaration) which may be an incentive for a business to hire apprentices, as it reduces their workers compensation, the liability and claims experience is not excluded. Need advice? We can help.

Please share the following story with your staff/clients as it may just save a serious accident and  the resulting impacts to a business that can be devastating.

Business in deep, deep trouble

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