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New & Transition NSW Claims

Following our NSW claim transition update in August  icare has advised all new CGU & QBE claims will be managed by GIO now from October. We have seen some processing delays resulting from claim files moving to GIO & if you need help, we are here to help.

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NSW Claim Transition Update

As previously advised from 1 January 2018 CGU & QBE cease being agents of NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.  During August, existing open CGU & QBE claims commenced transition that will finalise in December 2017.

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icare Announce 2018 Claims Partners

At the end of April 2017, icare announced 2018 claims service partners for the NSW Workers Compensation scheme. As a shock to most in the industry, icare communicated that EML had been successful in being selected as the sole agent for new NSW cworkers compensation claims effective from 1 January 2018. This is a major change for NSW with the remaining 4 existing agents (i.e. Allianz, CGU, GIo & QBE) existing at various times.

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icare Medical Panel Trial

icare recently announced the launch a pilot program trialling the use of an independent panel of medical providers. This initiative is hoped to provide various benefits including decreasing time currently taken to  approve injured worker treatments.

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icare Change Update

icare recently held NSW briefing sessions to update consultants / brokers on the upcoming changes regarding the insourcing of premium & credit/payment functions from insurers. A phased approach is hoped to facilitate a smooth transition. In the next few weeks the new portal will be launched for new business only, this is for new companies taking out a policy for the first time.  The next major phase of change is currently scheduled for April, where all client renewals will be managed through icare for the financial year 2017-18.

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2017 Looking Ahead

2016 saw significant change across workers compensation and in NSW in particular. 2017 looking ahead is already looking similar with a significant industry change taking effect in April’17 and a key announcement regarding insurers expected in May.

In August 2016 we communicated the Significant NSW icare Changes that will take affect in April 2017. This is probably the biggest ever NSW change workers compensation change with the NSW Government’s icare (previously known as WorkCover NSW) taking direct responsibility for NSW workers compensation premium processing, payments, credit and related matters. The impacts of these changes are yet to be seen and we continue to watch this space. Based on our discussions with icare it is our hope clients continue to receive the support they are used to and we remain confident that our clients and brokers will have comfort in our support.

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Merit Review Challenges

iCare Merit ReviewAll workers compensation merit reviews issued by icare are potentially subject to administrative law judicial review in the NSW Supreme Court. In this process, a party may seek orders that a decision should be set aside and sent back to icare for a revised decision to be made. Whenever a challenge is finalised and irrespective of the outcome, an assessment is undertaken to consider the impact of the judicial review decision and includes the potential impact of the finalised challenge on the dispute, functions of the Merit Review Service and the scheme more broadly. Of the thousands of applications for workers compensation merit review that have been finalised by icare, there has only been one Administrative Law challenge decided by the NSW Supreme Court.

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2015/16 Renewal Processing Update

Renewal Processing UpdateOur regular readers will know that the 30 June 2015 NSW workers compensation legislation changes have been a burning issue for the last 6 months or more. Many would also know that the legislation changes caused significant delays in for the NSW insurers being able to process the 2015/16 premium renewals as well as how many businesses have/will experience higher renewals under the new formula.
ABILITY GROUP is in regular discussion with the NSW insurers and are relieved to advise that we understand that close to 100% of the 30 June 2015 renewals have been processed, with only highly complex businesses outstanding. The insurers are now rapidly processing the July to December 2015 renewals which should now mean the majority of medium to large NSW businesses will receive their premiums calculated via the new formula. Business will also first hand understand if their premiums have increased or decreased as a result of the changes.

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Ability Group Success Client Saves More Than Money

iCare Appeal Success V2ABILITY GROUP were contacted by a broker who had a client distressed about their significant increase in premium due to the impact of the new premium formula. The client had a material claim during their 3 years of experience. Given their industry the Christmas period is crucial for financial viability and having to pay the higher premium could have had a dire consequence.

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icare Reform Update

iCare Update

On the 4th of December 2015, icare (previously known as WorkCover NSW) announced further changes as a component of the NSW government ongoing NSW workers compensation reforms.

The latest reforms include benefit changes to injured employees in need of the highest benefits being those with a Whole Person Impairment (WPI) of >30%. In addition to this there were several other  as well as additional changes.

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