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Increasing Workers Claim Fraud

According to a recent article there has been a significant increase in complaints in relation to workers compensation claims fraud. Fraudulent claims include claiming for a non-work related injuries, failure to declare information, altering medical certificates, etc. The recent conviction of a fraudulent worker highlights the emphasis placed on legitimate claims.

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Mental Health

Mental health issues are the 3rd most frequent health condition after cancer & health disease.  This means supervisors are likely to be managing workers suffering from a mental illness. We have identified common mental health hazards & workplace risk mitigation strategies.

An increasing concern for many businesses are the risks of mental health related incidents, injuries and resulting workers compensation claims. We have covered this topic previously and with psychological claims being 7-8 times more expensive than physical injuries the impacts of being reactive is a risk too large for many businesses.

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Australia’s Most Dangerous Industries

Australia's Most DangerousIrrespective of the size of your business or industry you work in, workplace risks exist. Businesses that adopt a proactive risk management approach will typically minimise workplace risks, injuries and claims. Regrettably accidents do occur and in tragic situations the death of a worker has impacts beyond the obvious. Fatalities in the workplace not only affect the immediate family, they also cause distress to colleagues, employers and friends. No worker nor their family should face the risk of not coming home from work. We promote it is essential all Australian workplaces take every precaution to ensure their employees return home safe at the end of every day. So what are Australia’s most dangerous industries and the common cause of fatalities?

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Work Capacity Decisions

WCC DecisionA decision made by Workers Compensation Commission Deputy President O’Grady in Sabanayagam v St George Bank Ltd [2016] on 21 January 2016 has resulted in important changes for NSW businesses. Effective immediately, any decision to cease a workers’ weekly payments of compensation need to be communicated via a Work Capacity Decision (WCD).

This decision is important as it effectively means a legislated 3 month period is required for the WCD to be completed. In context of the 30 June 2015 changes and therefore under the new NSW workers compensation premium formula, it means the additional wage costs will impact a business’ workers compensation premium for the following 3 premium renewals. As a result it is will be increasingly important to ensure all claims are managed in a timely and effective manner. Use of specialists to expedite outcomes will assist businesses in minimising the people, business and financial costs.

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