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Claim Review Saves Client $400,000

After a new client engaged ABILITY GROUP to assist with a complex claim, our efforts secured a fantastic outcome that will save our client approx. $400,000 in premium increases. By the time we were involved,  solicitors and an arbitration date we already booked. The insurer had communicated very little to the client and what the injured worker was seeking through a settlement was a large amount that would have significantly impacted their premium.

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Introducing Jacqui

Jacqui recently joined our team as our senior injury and claim consultant. Jacqui’s experience with injury management and Work Health and Safety (WHS) compliments her private and public sector experience.

Jacqui has a keen interest in injury management and a Cert IV in personal injury management. Prior to injury management Jacqui has worked in events, marketing and sales in both private and public sectors.  Jacqui has a passion for people and helping them get back to health and enjoying life.

Jacqui enjoys trying new things, especially sports and plays touch football and basketball socially.

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Welcome Damien

With a desire to capitalise on his experience from a variety of roles in insurance (in both NSW & Vic), commercial, government and transport, Damien joins as our National Manager.

Prior to Ability Group I came from EML spending time in both TMF and Workers Insurance. I have also spent time with Gallagher Bassett and initially started with CGU in Victoria many years ago. Outside of workers comp I have spent time as a mortgage broker and worked in operations and account management within the transport industry.

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The Silly Season – Have Fun Be Safe!

Christmas Party - Have Fun Be SafeIt isn’t surprising Australians call the December to January period the silly season. It is one of the busiest times of the year and most dangerous months for workers. With workers stressed about competing demands, psychologists also suggest it is important to be aware of mental health in the workplace as well as physical injuries.

Year-end celebrations are a chance to relax and unwind following a busy business year. Although no one wants to be a wet blanket, employers need to be aware of their duty-of-care obligations during year-end functions. Duty of care comes under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and employers are responsible for their workers, whether their year-end celebrations or functions are held on or offsite

Avoid potential serious situations or workers compensation issues by taking time to read some key articles from leading sources.

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Don’t Forget Workers Compensation

ABILITY GROUP | Don't forget workers compensationDon’t Forget Workers Compensation

It seems both June and December are always hectic with either the build-up to financial year end or the holiday period. With June being the largest and December the second largest workers compensation renewal periods, proactively reviewing your workers compensation in a couple of months in advance will help ensure you aren’t wasting valuable money.

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No Rate Changes, But LPR Replaces RPL

Let's talk Change

In the last 12 months, the NSW workers compensation industry has experienced dramatic change. As we approach 30 June 2016, it should be relieving for businesses to know that for there are no changes for workers compensation WorkCover Industry Classification (WIC) rates. As 2016/17 rates for NSW Workers Compensation apply to all renewals that fall due at 4pm on 30th June 2016, businesses and brokers will now be receiving renewal notices for these policies without fear of rate driven increases.

For large employers, icare however announced changes to the Retro Paid Loss (RPL) model by introducing Loss Prevention & Recovery (LPR) scheme as the replacement. LPR is progressively moving closer to providing pricing similar to that of insurers in privately underwritten schemes. This is an important change for large business.

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Introducing Andrea

Profile - Andrea (Square small)Andrea joined ABILITY GROUP in September 2015 as our Office Manager. Supporting our growing businesses keeps Andrea very busy and many of our clients and partners would have either spoken with Andrea, met her via email or in person.

Originating from Columbia, Andrea studied law before immigrating to Australia. Andrea expertise spans HR, customer service, business administration, finance and related matters.

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Ability Group Success Client Saves More Than Money

iCare Appeal Success V2ABILITY GROUP were contacted by a broker who had a client distressed about their significant increase in premium due to the impact of the new premium formula. The client had a material claim during their 3 years of experience. Given their industry the Christmas period is crucial for financial viability and having to pay the higher premium could have had a dire consequence.

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2015-16 NSW Premium Renewals

NSW Premium increase decreaseThe recent NSW workers compensation changes have caused challenges across the industry since taking effect on 30 June 2015. Medium to large businesses with premiums over $30,000 are yet to receive their official 2015/16 Premium Renewals calculated under the new legislated formula. Unofficial data suggests 75% of businesses will see higher premiums. Most businesses are yet to therefore understand if their 2015/16 Renewal Premium will increase or decrease due to the numerous changes. Under the new formula, the key drivers of renewal premium changes will include:

  • Claims performance comparison to over scheme rather than industry
  • 3 prior years of claims costs rather than 2 years
  • Claims wage related costs only becoming premium impacting

ABILITY GROUP has already helped numerous clients with higher 2015/16 Renewal Premiums.

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Importance of a Social Media Policy

Social Media PolicySocial media is embedded throughout society as people throughout the day are connecting to others via an mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. If work related incidents are discussed or an employee is bullied, the employer liability is considered. Social media policies are consequently becoming increasingly important for all businesses as connections to workers compensation grow.

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