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Meet Sean

Sean is HEALTH ABILITY’s newest team member and physiotherapist.  After playing soccer & futsal throughout his youth, Sean’s lifestyle is health, fitness & wellbeing focused. Sean is regularly in the gym, outside hiking or cycling. Sean’s other passions include nutrition and pilates.

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Meet Daniel

Daniel is the newest member of in our HEALTH businesses (HEALTH ABILITY & PROHEALTH PHYSIO). After competing at high levels for athletics, cricket and soccer, Daniel is motivated by his experience and is able to leverage in delivering sustainable results.

Being an athlete himself, Daniel has always been in and out of physiotherapy clinics with sport related injuries. This, in conjunction with his mother’s diagnosis of severe scoliosis, inspired him to become a physiotherapist. Daniel completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Australian Catholic University (ACU) and has exposure treating a variety of injuries.

Daniel is also passionate about health and fitness. He is a qualified personal trainer and has a wealth of knowledge around creating comprehensive exercise programs for clients to achieve their fitness goals.

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Welcome Michael

Michael AjakaWe are thrilled to introduce you to Michael our new clinical physiotherapist. Michael has always been involved in the health/fitness industry and understands what it is like to be on the treatment table after many years of elite training as a professional swimmer. When Michael hung-up his goggles he decided to dedicate his career to helping others in the way that many physios had helped him. Michael’s career began by completing his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science followed by his Masters of Physiotherapy. Michael believes the key to success is hard work, perseverance and loving what you do. Michael shapes his consultations by using evidence-based research that develop new techniques that help accelerate the recovery when treating patients.

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ProHealth Physio

ProHealth PhysioAs many of you would know at ABILITY GROUP we are very passionate about people, health and fitness. We believe and advocate people are the most important asset of any business and whether your people are injured at work or in day to day living, we have the specialist knowledge to help people return to work and re-enjoying life. We are therefore very excited to announce PROHEALTH PHYSIO our new physiotherapy clinic has opened. Located in the heart of Lane Cove on Sydney’s lower north shore our clinic is an extension to our suite of professional and allied health services that assist clients, partners and members of the community in navigating injury, return to work and the achievement of health and fitness goals.

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Are Shift Workers At Risk

Shift Workers At RiskRecently SafeWork Australia released a statistical report comparing injury rates between shift workforces as compared to non-shift workers spanning a variety of different industries administered in 2013-2014. The report demonstrates the injury rate for shift workers is significantly higher (more than twice the rate) when compared to non-shift workers. The increase in incidence of injury did not span across all shift-working industries. Individuals who operate machinery and drivers had significantly lower rates of injury when compared to their shift-working counterparts in other lines of work. So what shift workers are at the greatest risk? High risk shift industries as being; manufacturing, hospitality/food services, public administration and trades/labourers.

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Does Workplace Rehabilitation Work

Does Rehab WorkFollowing disappointing previous experiences, we tend to get asked “Does workplace rehabilitation actually work?” Like most things when managed professionally, rehab will accelerate return to work (RTW) and help minimise people, financial and business impacts. Workplace rehabilitation providers are allied health professionals that are accredited to deliver workplace rehabilitation services to help injured workers return to work in a safe and sustainable manner. Unfortunately not all rehab providers and their consultants are created equally. We are very proud that HEALTH ABILITY has a 100% RTW Rate and actively contributing to sustainable RTW of our client and broker’s clients injured workers. To find out more about rehab and it being free for NSW businesses click through…

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Rehabilitation Services Explained

Rehabilitation ExplainedWorkplace rehabilitation providers specialise in delivery of a variety of services designed to help injured workers recover at or in their return to work. Workplace rehabilitation services are usually delivered at the workplace, in consultation with all parties and common involve:

  • Workplace Assessments
  • Functional Assessments
  • Return to Work Plans (RTWP)
  • Case Conferences

To find out what each of these are and why they are important.

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Introducing Jay Reid

JayWe are excited to introduce Jay the newest member of our growing ABILITY GROUP team. As a qualified Exercise Physiologist (EP) Jay’s passion for the health and wellbeing of individuals is always front of mind. Jay joins ABILITY GROUP’s HEALTH ABILITY having worked previously as a clinical EP where he has treated patients with a diverse array of complex health related issues. At United Age Care, Jay provided various specialist allied health services for residents and at Royal North Shore Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, Jay instructed tailored group training and exercise programs for Stage 2 post-cardiac rehabilitation.

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Return To Work Changes

RTW ChangesNew benefits to assist the return to work of NSW injured workers took affect on the 29th of April 2016. These changes include workplace modifications, the transition to work equipment and training programs.

In light of these changes there is increased fluidity and interaction with SIRA vocational rehabilitation programs. SIRA currently has 6 vocational education programs that are administered under Section 53 of the Act of 1988.

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Manual Handling Training Benefits

Manual Handling Training BenefitsApproximately 1 in 3 workplace accidents result from manual handling related injuries and inexperienced employees often being at the greatest risk. Whether onsite or in offices these injuries can be avoided or minimised with appropriate training. Good posture and lifting techniques can help reduce the risks. Evidence also suggests workplace changes can also be effective strategy to minimise injuries.


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