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Machinery & Equipment Dangers

Employees who operate machinery & equipment as part of their job are at risk of major injury if the correct safety precautions are not taken. There are specific laws for working with machinery & equipment. Recent data from SafeWork NSW highlight risks.

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Health Risks Of Sitting Disease

With the increasing shift towards white collar & office based jobs, there has also been an increase in musculoskeletal related work injuries & claims. Dubbed “Sitting Disease” there is distinct correlation between hours seated &  risk for disease as well as mortality.

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icare Medical Panel Trial

icare recently announced the launch a pilot program trialling the use of an independent panel of medical providers. This initiative is hoped to provide various benefits including decreasing time currently taken to  approve injured worker treatments.

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Introducing Michael

Michael joins our team with extensive injury & claims management, Work Health & Safety (WHS) as well as workplace safety compliance experience. In completing his Bachelor of Commerce, Michael’s understanding of  business complements his desire to help people & prevent risks.

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Mental Health

Mental health issues are the 3rd most frequent health condition after cancer & health disease.  This means supervisors are likely to be managing workers suffering from a mental illness. We have identified common mental health hazards & workplace risk mitigation strategies.

An increasing concern for many businesses are the risks of mental health related incidents, injuries and resulting workers compensation claims. We have covered this topic previously and with psychological claims being 7-8 times more expensive than physical injuries the impacts of being reactive is a risk too large for many businesses.

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Fall Related Incidents

Recently we have been involved with an increased number of fall related incidents. The injuries sustained, & the resulting workers compensation claims, can often be complex & costly. In addition to claim related costs, employers also face material fines for unsafe work sites.

After providing advice and support recently to various clients with workers having sustained injuries (5 metre + 10 metre falls to concrete and an employee falling down fire escape), we wanted to provide greater insights into fall related incidents.

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Introducing Jacqui

Jacqui recently joined our team as our senior injury and claim consultant. Jacqui’s experience with injury management and Work Health and Safety (WHS) compliments her private and public sector experience.

Jacqui has a keen interest in injury management and a Cert IV in personal injury management. Prior to injury management Jacqui has worked in events, marketing and sales in both private and public sectors.  Jacqui has a passion for people and helping them get back to health and enjoying life.

Jacqui enjoys trying new things, especially sports and plays touch football and basketball socially.

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Non-Work Related Injuries & Illness

non-work-injuriesHas one of your workers been injured outside of work and do you, as an business have an obligation to provide assistance to your worker? A non-work related injury/illness is defined as an injury or illness that did not arise out of or in the course of the workers employment. An injured worker includes a person with a temporary or permanent disability, physical or otherwise. It is important for businesses to be aware that allowing an injured worker to return to work after suffering an injury, especially a non-work related one, can be risky. If a worker returns to work before they are fit to do so and consequently aggravates his or her condition, the employer may find they are liable for a workers’ compensation claim.

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