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Safety Regulators Crackdown

Did you know that certain state Safety Regulators are cracking down on safety for specific industries? Due to a recent series of serious injuries & fatalities, the industries in focus are Construction in NSW as well as Retail & Transport in WA.

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Machinery & Equipment Dangers

Employees who operate machinery & equipment as part of their job are at risk of major injury if the correct safety precautions are not taken. There are specific laws for working with machinery & equipment. Recent data from SafeWork NSW highlight risks.

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Health Risks Of Sitting Disease

With the increasing shift towards white collar & office based jobs, there has also been an increase in musculoskeletal related work injuries & claims. Dubbed “Sitting Disease” there is distinct correlation between hours seated &  risk for disease as well as mortality.

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Business Fined $1M for Safety Breach

Do you understand your business’ safety obligations required for WHS compliance? If not, we hope this article might help encourage you to revisit this important aspect more closely. A NSW small business was recently fined a record $1 million for Work Health & Safety (WHS) offences. The NSW District Court found that WGA Pty Ltd had breached it’s safety obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 by exposing a sub-contractor to risk of death or serious injury.

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Introducing Michael

Michael joins our team with extensive injury & claims management, Work Health & Safety (WHS) as well as workplace safety compliance experience. In completing his Bachelor of Commerce, Michael’s understanding of  business complements his desire to help people & prevent risks.

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Importance of WHS

Safe Work Australia will recognise World Day for Safety & Health at Work & Workers’ Memorial Day on Friday, 28 April 2017. It is crucial employers monitor the health of workers & workplace conditions to prevent illness or injury, & provide information &  training.

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Early Intervention Benefits

Early intervention practices can foster a happy & healthy workplace. Responding early to incidents or situations, can help prevent workers from becoming ill, taking long-term sick leave or submitting a workers compensation claim. Policies & procedures also play an important role.

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Mental Health

Mental health issues are the 3rd most frequent health condition after cancer & health disease.  This means supervisors are likely to be managing workers suffering from a mental illness. We have identified common mental health hazards & workplace risk mitigation strategies.

An increasing concern for many businesses are the risks of mental health related incidents, injuries and resulting workers compensation claims. We have covered this topic previously and with psychological claims being 7-8 times more expensive than physical injuries the impacts of being reactive is a risk too large for many businesses.

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Fall Related Incidents

Recently we have been involved with an increased number of fall related incidents. The injuries sustained, & the resulting workers compensation claims, can often be complex & costly. In addition to claim related costs, employers also face material fines for unsafe work sites.

After providing advice and support recently to various clients with workers having sustained injuries (5 metre + 10 metre falls to concrete and an employee falling down fire escape), we wanted to provide greater insights into fall related incidents.

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The Silly Season – Have Fun Be Safe!

Christmas Party - Have Fun Be SafeIt isn’t surprising Australians call the December to January period the silly season. It is one of the busiest times of the year and most dangerous months for workers. With workers stressed about competing demands, psychologists also suggest it is important to be aware of mental health in the workplace as well as physical injuries.

Year-end celebrations are a chance to relax and unwind following a busy business year. Although no one wants to be a wet blanket, employers need to be aware of their duty-of-care obligations during year-end functions. Duty of care comes under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and employers are responsible for their workers, whether their year-end celebrations or functions are held on or offsite

Avoid potential serious situations or workers compensation issues by taking time to read some key articles from leading sources.

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