Early intervention practices can foster a happy & healthy workplace. Responding early to incidents or situations, can help prevent workers from becoming ill, taking long-term sick leave or submitting a workers compensation claim. Policies & procedures also play an important role.

Early Intervention Benefits – It is crucial for employers to have clear policies or guidelines in place to support employees that show early warning signs of not coping at work. This support should be provided regardless of whether the employee has submitted a claim.

Early intervention offers the following benefits to business:

  • Creates a productive and supportive workplace
  • Shows management commitment to workers
  • Prevents long-term absence from the workplace and the development of chronic illness
  • Reduces any adverse affects on co-workers due to an injured colleague
  • Improves staff confidence and morale
  • Increases management involvement in the injury management process
  • Increases the probability of return to work
  • Contains the cost of incapacity and in the long term, the premium
  • Reduces indirect costs to employers such as lost productivity, recruitment and training costs for replacement staff