Workplace injuries can have dramatic business impacts. Current legislation means the effective management of worker compensation claims is essential in minimising increases to your workers insurance premiums as well as reducing other business impacts.

Effective Claim Management – Forward thinking strategies regarding the management of injured worker claims are of vital importance, not only for productivity in the workplace, but also to minimise its impact on your insurance premium.

What often gets overlooked by many companies is that the amount of time lost associated with all workers compensation claims can increase your workers compensation premium rather than the number of cases lodged.

To ultimately foster a safe and productive work environment, the employer needs to actively get their injured workers back to work in the quickest and safest way possible. This can be accomplished by taking early and effective action to reduce risks and encourage recovery.

Employers should consider:

  • Display the ‘If you get injured at work’ poster at your work sites
  • Promote & embed Work Health & Safety (WHS) guidelines within your business
  • Proactively manage the claim or engage a specialist such as CONSULT ABILITY for professional assistance
  • Ensure the work environment is welcoming for an injured worker to return to work

These steps involved in key strategies to help facilitate an efficient return to work for injured employees. Employers who embed such measures will help ensure workers stay satisfied, are less likely to re-injury themselves and maintain a healthy employer-employee relationship.

By developing the constructive culture, injured workers will often return to work earlier and recover whilst on the job, thereby minimising the overall lost time (i.e. wages) and the subsequent increases to your workers insurance premiums.

If you have an injury or claim that needs to be managed, please contact us.