ABILITY GROUP provides tailored services and solutions to diverse range of clients of various sizes and from a variety of industries.


Small business owner

We can assist you to run your business by letting you focus on doing what you do best. Our ability to make things happen in your business will often alleviate pressure, stress and frustration small business owners experience in difficult times.

Our services and solutions are targeted and suitable for;

  • Non-employing businesses – sole proprietorships and partnerships without employees
  • Micro businesses – businesses employing less than 5 people
  • Other small businesses – businesses employing 5 to 20 people
Medium business

Businesses seeking growth, performance enhancement or cost reductions, can benefit from the use of specialist expertise to complement the skills and knowledge your people possess. Specialists will help ensure the critical decisions you need to make can be made with confidence.

Medium businesses typically employ between 20 & 200 people with workers compensation representing a significant cost of conducting business. Injuries impact productivity, increase financial pressures, etc

Large and internationals

Possessing extensive expertise acquired from working with or for numerous large and global organisations. We fully understand the complexity of doing business on a national or international scale. We have a track record in making things happen despite cultural differences, geographical or other challenges presented due to the size of an organisation.

Organisations typically employing 200+ people

Industry coverage

ABILITY GROUP work across diverse industries with our knowledge and expertise being relevant to the majority of business sectors.

Our employees are experienced and have worked with or for;

  • insurers
  • brokers
  • accountants
  • financial advisers
  • developers/builders
  • transport companies
  • mining related companies
  • FMCG
  • legal firms
  • banking
  • hospitality
  • care facilities (e.g. aged care, nursing homes, etc)
  • and others

Contact us to find out how you and your business can benefit from our ability to make things happen