At the end of April 2017, icare announced 2018 claims service partners for the NSW Workers Compensation scheme. As a shock to most in the industry, icare communicated that EML had been successful in being selected as the sole agent for new NSW cworkers compensation claims effective from 1 January 2018. This is a major change for NSW with the remaining 4 existing agents (i.e. Allianz, CGU, GIo & QBE) existing at various times.

icare Announce 2018 Claims Partners – in what is now a significant announcement, icare communicated that EML was the sole agent for new claims from January 2018. This announcement was different what the industry had expected with it highly anticipated that the current 5 agents would reduce to 3.

So what does the announcement mean?

Allianz and GIO will continue to process claims although they will not be accept any new claims rather focusing on closing existing claims. Although it was originally expected Allianz & GIO would cease claims management at the end of 2018, to date there has been no announcement on how long Allianz and GIO have their licence to work on the existing claims so further announcements to come. Allianz will process their existing claims whereas GIO will assume responsibility for both the CGU and QBE portfolios when these insurers exit the scheme at the end of 2017.

As previously advised CGU have decided to exit the scheme on their own accord so there was always going to be a reduction. CGU will exit the scheme from December 31. QBE have also been advised their services are no longer required from December 31.

The NSW workers compensation scheme is continuing to change quickly as a result of the announcement and Ability Group are here to assist you through these changes. Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming months.

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