icare recently announced the launch a pilot program trialling the use of an independent panel of medical providers. This initiative is hoped to provide various benefits including decreasing time currently taken to  approve injured worker treatments.

icare Medical Panel Trial – this week iCare announced the launch of a pilot program to trial how an independent panel of medical providers could expedite the time of approval for treatment required by injured workers within the NSW workers compensation scheme.
icare Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chris Colquhoun said the current delay of up to six weeks before a treatment plan is approved is not only frustrating for injured workers but can also be detrimental as it can lead to a deterioration of their injury causing further hindrance to their return to work.

Dr. Colquhoun also said the aim of the program is to speed up the approval process to no more than 5 days and to gather evidence on early treatment intervention, and to assess the lasting beneficial impact this can have on quality of life and return to work outcomes.

The trial will operate within the following parameters:

  • Receive between 12 and 20 referrals a day, 5 days a week
    Use experienced medical experts, ranging from occupational health physicians and psychiatrists, to other sub-specialists providing advice to case managers.
  • Over time, icare aim to extend this support directly to Nominated Treating Doctors (GPs).
  • The trial will run for 12 weeks, by which time icare will evaluate its value to injured workers.

If you have questions, please contact us to discuss.