2017 saw significant change & no industry more so than in workers compensation in NSW. During January, we have seen the new icare + EML claims model launch as well as many businesses finally received their 30 June 2017 renewals.

icare Update – What’s News? –  As we informed you previously, the way Workers Compensation Insurance operates in NSW has changed dramatically with icare becoming the new nominal insurer and claims management being centralised within one sole agent, EML.

Below we have summarised the main changes and how this transition will affect your business.

Claim Lodgement – New Model (1 January 2018 Onwards)

As we covered more extensively in our previous newsletter, the new claims lodgement process has been automated. Many of our clients have told us they are finding the new system complex and laborious. With this new process it is now more important than ever that claims are managed effectively from the time of notification in order to ensure the impact of this claim on your premium is kept to a minimum.

We provide a convenient and easy claim lodgement process for our clients. Simply call or email us and we will not only lodge your claim we will ensure you receive the support you need.

Our team at ABILITY GROUP has had extensive training on this new processes and are ready to help you navigate it. Please contact us in the event of a workplace injury or new claim as we are happy to assist you with the notification and lodgement of the claim and simplify this process for you.

Policy Renewals and Adjustments

Since 30 June 2017 icare assumed sole responsibility for the renewal and adjustment of policies. We understand this has been a challenging and perhaps frustrating process for some of our clients businesses yet to receive their 2017/18 Premium Renewal information.

In addition, icare is processing through backlogs of 2016/17 adjustments with many of our clients now receiving their Adjustment Premiums. Regrettably some of our clients have not being paying monthly instalments and therefore have a big catch-up premium payment required before resuming their new payment instalments.

We continue to actively work with icare and monitor these processes for our clients and partners. Please contact us if you need assistance with obtaining documents urgently.