Healthy WorkersBusinesses often seek ways to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism. What might surprise many is that a recent study found obese workers took 90% more sickies than normal weight employees. Research also show that Australian businesses with a successful work health program can experience up to 3 times higher productivity, lower sick leave and injuries, as well as better employee morale.

Improve Productivity Reduce Absenteeism – Investing in a work health program can lead to numerous positive effects for your business. The studies referenced in the article below indicate absenteeism and workers productivity can decrease dramatically when employees are overweight or obese. Aside for employees feeling better about themselves an effective work health program can decrease absenteeism and improve productivity. If you would like discuss further, please contact us.

Source: NSW WorkCover

Title: Overweight Workers Tip Scales on ‘Sickie’ Rates

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