Emily Profile [Square]Emily joined our team several months ago as our General Manager running our new specialist rehabilitation business HEALTH ABILITY. With an Exercise Physiology degree and Masters in Physiotherapy, Emily is our rehabilitation expert and immediate escalation point. Emily actively adopts hands on approach to ensuring difficult cases are managed effectively as well as to remain closely engaged to rehabilitation related services.

Emily has provided specialist rehabilitation and onsite physio services with leading to a very diverse range businesses that include house hold names like; Qantas, Coco Cola, Australia Post, Toll Group, Westpac, Woolworths, Linfox, Aldi, RailCorp, Primo, etc.

Introducing Emily Taylor – HEALTH ABILITY is an Accredited NSW Workplace Rehabilitation Provider specialising in the assessment and treatment of injured workers and accelerating their return to work. HEALTH ABILITY also provide businesses strategic and preventive services to help minimise workplace risks, injuries, workers compensation claims and resulting impacts.

Emily has been instrumental in ensuring HEALTH ABILITY has quickly developed a reputation as boutique rehabilitation provider that differentiates itself from the larger and commoditised providers.

Need help in returning injured workers to work, workplace rehabilitation or developing preventive strategies, then contact us to discuss how HEALTH ABILITY can assist.