WorkCover Appeal SuccessUnofficial industry views indicate the recent NSW workers compensation legislation and premium formula changes resulted in 75% of medium to large businesses expecting higher 2015/16 Renewal Premiums. ABILITY GROUP has already won NSW WorkCover appeals on behalf of our clients reducing premiums payable. Higher renewal & need help?

Legislation Change Appeal Success – Workers compensation is intended to assist employees who get injured at work. At times claims can result in significant financial impacts to the business. Changes in legislation have to occur at some point in time yet unfortunately the timing can have  dramatic effects on certain businesses.

If you are a business that has been negatively impacted as a result of the recent NSW Workers Compensation changes, then contact us to find out how our ability to make things happen can assist.

Several of our clients have seen their 2015/16 Renewal Premiums increase dramatically as a result of the 30 June 2015 legislation changes.  Having under taken an extensive review of circumstances and ABILITY GROUP subsequently developed grounds for an appeal that resulted in successful determinations in favour of our clients. The decisions made by WorkCover have reduced the premiums payable materially.