Guidelines for Claiming Workers Compensation  released by SIRA  in 2016, effective 30 June 2017 there will be important changes to Notifications. With NSW insurers now required to contact the injured worker and employer, clarity will be critical.

Notification Only Changes – As per the Guidelines for Claiming Workers Compensation, released in 2016 by the State Regulatory Authority (SIRA), effective as at 30 June 2017 Notification Only statuses are to be removed. Instead these claims will be coded as Reasonable Excuse – No Requirement for weekly payments.

An initial decision must be made on all notifications of an injury. The decision will be one of the following:

  • Accept liability
  • Provisional liability
  • Declinature
  • Reasonable Excuse

To streamline the process, we recommend stating with claim lodgement that no payments and action required. The most important change of this process is the insurer is required to contact the employer and worker by phone or letter then send a letter to the worker which includes a Claim Form. It is vital the injured worker is spoken to prior to this to explain the process and that they will be contacted. It is basically to confirm that no action is required.

Please continue to contact ABILITY GROUP after all incidents for initial advice and direction. With this change in process we will advise what to inform the injured worker to ensure this does not escalate further than an open and closed incident.

For more information on the guidelines please visit SIRA or contact ABILITY GROUP direct.