As previously advised from 1 January 2018 CGU & QBE cease being agents of NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.  During August, existing open CGU & QBE claims commenced transition that will finalise in December 2017.

NSW Claim Transition Update –¬†Employers and injured workers will be notified of the date of transition for each claim. CGU and QBE will only accept new claims up until 30th September. Allianz and GIO will continue to accept new claims up until 31st December 2017 and from 1st January 2018 all new claims will go through EML.

Icare has just announced they are taking on the processing of Actual Wages Adjustments for policies that expired after 29th June 2017. Processing of Actual Wages Adjustments will occur from mid-September. At this time icare will be in a better position to advise if they will be able to offer a scheme performance adjustment for the 2016/2017 year. Despite the changes continue to forward your Actual and Estimated Wages Declarations through to ABILITY GROUP for actioning.

There will still be many more updates to follow with this being the biggest change to the NSW Workers Compensation scheme. A new claims model is being developed which is to be implemented in 2018 and much more work is to go into the claims and employers transitioning to other scheme agents. For all queries please continue to contact ABILITY GROUP who will assist you through the change and help minimise any impact to your business.