Leverage our knowledge and networks to your advantage

You specialise in your business and so do we. Key benefits of engaging ABILITY GROUP to manage your providers enables you to focus on what you do best (i.e. running your business). Secondly, this allows you to have independent and specialist industry experts ensure you are getting the best service possible.

At the core of our businesses is knowing workers compensation and the industry. Partnering with specialists who actively manage your providers will often improve the quality of service and support your business receives. By using our ability to know the right people, we can leverage extensive industry networks to implement agreements, improve the performance of your insurer and other providers if necessary like rehab, legal or investigators.

Case Study

When talking with a client, we discovered the business owner was extremely dissatisfied with the service they were receiving from their current workers compensation insurer and despite the effort that it would take they wanted to move to another insurer. After discussions with our client that we have access to key decision makers within their current insurer, ABILITY GROUP would be able to re-negotiate improved service and support.

Following discussions with the insurer on behalf of our client, ABILITY GROUP was able to obtain improved service that included a dedicated claims manager and a proactive service plan. As a result of our strong relationship with the insurer, ABILITY GROUP was also able to secure funding from the insurer to provide some specialist training for our client’s staff that proved invaluable.

The client was happy to avoid having to spend time, effort and money to rectify the situation, instead we were able to secure improved service quality and assistance.

Want some specialist help?

  • Does the above case study sound similar to what your business is facing?
  • Do you deserve better service from your providers?
  • Want an independent specialist to look out for your best interests?
  • Need a rehab, legal, investigator or other specialist provider?
  • Want to focus on your business and have a workers compensation specialist help you?

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