Reduce your workers compensation costsWorkers compensation is often the largest insurance cost for a business and it  directly reduces business profits.  For many businesses workers compensation is expensive, complex to manage and a source of frustration. If not effectively managed, workers compensation can be unpredictable making many believe it is an uncontrollable business expense.

ABILITY GROUP  can alleviate your stress and frustrations by providing recommendations to control  or reduce your workers compensation costs.

Our Workers Compensation Pulse Check is a review of your workers compensation program, providing you with valuable insight into your current arrangements.  ABILITY GROUP takes a 5 year perspective of your current premium, claims and your organisation’s approach to workers compensation. ABILITY GROUP’s Pulse Check is a cost effective and advantageous way to identify opportunities for premium savings, compliance requirements and improvements to ensure your organisation’s workers compensation program is optimised.

ABILITY GROUP utilises extensive experience, specialist skills and takes an independent view on your behalf to ensure areas for improvement and cost reductions are identified.

Case Study

After enduring a 200% increase in their workers compensation premium over the last 3 years, the CFO of a specialist manufacturing business contacted ABILITY GROUP for help. After discussions, we agreed to conduct a Workers Compensation Pulse Check to assess their workers compensation program to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve the support available to their employees.

ABILITY GROUP was able to use their specialist knowledge and connected experience to Pulse Check  the business’ worker compensation program and in a short period of time provide an extensive report specifically identifying;

  • a variety of opportunities that reduced their workers compensation costs
  • areas of risk or concern
  • prioritsation of corrective actions
  • estimated effort and costs required to resolve the issues discovered via the Pulse Check

Want to reduce workers compensation costs?

  • Unexpected premium increase negatively impacting your business?
  • Escalating claims cost causing you frustration?
  • Need help managing employee injuries?
  • Service issues with your current insurer or provider?
  • Higher workers compensation premiums causing stress?
  • Lower profit due to unforeseen workers compensation costs?

Contact ABILITY GROUP to find out how we can assist you.