Return to work services & solutions

A RTW Coordinator,  RTW Program and other  requirements are compulsory for businesses with 20+ employees or NSW workers compensation premiums $50,000+.

To allow businesses to meet their regulatory compliance requirements, ABILITY GROUP provides specialist RTW services or outsourced solutions allowing you to focus on your core business.  Our return to work specialists will ensure expenses are tightly controlled and managed thereby minimising premium increases.

RTW, claims and injury management are key drivers impacting premium costs. NSW WorkCover have also recently increased focus and emphasis on the importance of RTW processes and procedures.

Having someone who knows exactly the impact to your bottom line is critical, ABILITY GROUP can support your people if you prefer to keep RTW functions in-house or you can outsource saving money not only on premium but on staff related costs, superannuation, leave and other costs related to having permanent staff.

RTW Coordinator duties are often given to someone in your business who wears many hats, like HR, finance, etc.  These people are not workers compensation experts and organisations who do not invest or understand workers compensation are more likely to have higher premiums due to unskilled people managing claims and RTW. Often these people are so busy and over worked that you end up with expensive claims which will result in higher workers compensation premiums.

Let ABILITY GROUP take the stress and administration out of your RTW functions.

How can we help?

  • Do you need RTW advice?
  • Are you complying with legislation or need help?
  • Want to get rid of the headache? Outsource RTW functions to us.
  • Want your injured employee back to health and work as quickly as possible?
  • Want to appeal workers compensation late payment fees?
  • Want to focus on your business and have a workers compensation specialist help you in theirs?

Contact ABILITY GROUP to discuss how we can assist you.