Right ChoiceWe talk with businesses of all sizes across industries and many decide not to invest in pre-employment assessments or medicals before hiring employees.

We also regularly speak with businesses that end up paying significantly more due to the impacts from what at times are predictable workplace injuries and resulting workers compensation claims.

Need help making the right employment choices easier?

Right Employment Choices Made Easier – Businesses often have multiple candidates they are considering to fill a particular role

Pre-employment medical or assessments need to respect privacy, workplace relations and anti-discrimination legislation. At the same time, pre-employment assessments provide employers valuable health information about each applicant in support their recruitment decisions.

An effective pre-employment medical or assessment should be specifically tailored to individual role responsibilities and business to ensure they focus on those requirements that are directly relevant to the applicants abilities to perform the core tasks/responsibilities of the position.

Pre-employment Medical or Pre-employment Assessments typically include and are performed by professionals:

  • Pre-employment medical assessment
  • Pre-employment functional assessment
  • Job and task analysis
  • Psychometric testing and mental health screening
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Hearing and lung function screening
  • Baseline and periodic health screening

The right employment choices are made easier when utilising pre-employment assessments or medicals. Contact us to discuss how ABILITY GROUP can assist you in this process.