SafeWork Australia has released 2015/16 workers compensation data that shows serious claim costs increased by 30%. It is important for employers to provide a safe workplace & training to help prevent injuries. Data indicated certain age groups & industries are at risk.

Serious Claim Costs Rise – Safe Work Australia has released 2015/16 Australian Workers Compensation Data that show the median paid cost of serious claims increased by 30% over the previous year. The median cost becoming $6,800 while the amount of time lost was up 33% to 5.6 weeks. During the period there were 104,770 serious compensation claims which is an alarming national statistic.

This data supports the importance of employers providing a sfae workplace with appropriate training to employees as well as implementing WHS policies to help prevent and avoid the workplace injuries resulting in claims.

Occupations with the highest rates of serious claims:

  • labourers
  • machinery drivers and operators
  • healthcare/community/personal service workers

While the following industries are at the highest risk:

  • agriculture/forestry/fishing
  • manufacturing
  • construction

15% of all serious claims came from workers in health care and social assistance. While 12% came from manufacturing workers and another 12% from construction workers. No other industry represented more than 9%.

Older workers recorded the highest incidence rates, with workers aged between 55 – 59 having a rate of 12.5 serious claims per 1,000 employees. Workers aged between 50 – 54 having 12.1.

The total number of serious claims declined by 17% from 2000/01 to 2015/16 despite total hours worked having increased by 30% and total employment rose by 34% during the same period.

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Source: SafeWork Australia

Title: Australian Workers Compensation Statics 2015/16

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