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Australian Trends & Insights

Safe Work Australia has  recently released new statistics that demonstrate Workers Compensation claims have continued to decline over a 15 year period since 2000. Claim frequency relate to males, muscular stress from lifting/handling  & slips, trips & falls.

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Occupational Violence

Occupational ViolenceOccupational violence is an incident where a worker is physically attacked in the workplace or during work related activities. It also extends to if a worker is threatened in a way that causes them to reasonably believe they are in danger of being physically attacked. With an ageing population, ensuring aged and other care workers are able to cope with the at times aggressive behaviour associated with some types of dementia or disabilities is an important issue for care providers. Recent data shows care workers represent more than 9 percent of NSW workers compensation claims with over 12,000 physical and mental claims made in the recent 3 year period. Addressing workplace bullying and violence be challenging yet SafeWork Australia provide recommendations.

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Tips For Talking About Safety

Talk About SafetyRaising a workplace safety concern with your boss can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. Not doing so, however, can mean a dangerous incident goes unresolved, potentially injuring you or your co-workers. It could be something like a machine that is missing protective guards, dangerous movement of plant, poor housekeeping presenting trip hazards or speaking up if you see someone being bullied. Alternatively you might feel your training for a particular task was inadequate or you need more help to do a job safely. Whatever the issue, it is important to remember everyone has a right to work in a fair, just and safe workplace. Employers are obligated (as far as is reasonably practicable) to provide such an environment. Read more for tips on how to talk about safety.

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Farewell Mel

Mel Profile - B&W (Square)It is with sadness we farewell Mel our senior claims specialist at the end of April. Mel has been an integral member of our ABILITY GROUP team since joining in November 2014. Mel has gone to great lengths working with our clients, brokers and injured workers to secure the best possible outcomes. Mel will be sorely missed and we wish her well.

Adam and Andrea will provide assistance whilst we are recruiting a replacement.

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Ability Group Success Client Saves More Than Money

iCare Appeal Success V2ABILITY GROUP were contacted by a broker who had a client distressed about their significant increase in premium due to the impact of the new premium formula. The client had a material claim during their 3 years of experience. Given their industry the Christmas period is crucial for financial viability and having to pay the higher premium could have had a dire consequence.

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Workers Compensation Farewells Carmen

Carmen [Square] The workers compensation industry has a significant departure this month with our wonderful Carmen Sherry deciding to retire. Carmen has been in the industry for over 40 years having worked in a variety of specialist roles with MMI, Allianz, Suncorp GIO, Employers Mutual and most recently ABILITY GROUP. Julie remembers clearly her first interview at age 17 with Carmen and from that date on Carmen was instrumental in shaping Julie’s career, workers compensation expertise and transition to business owner. As with many growing businesses our people are like family and with Carmen’s retirement we will certainly sadly miss her fun, charismatic and lively personality.

From a transition perspective, Adam Peatey will assume responsibility for the brokers and clients Carmen has supported. Adam can be contacted on (02) 9098-5504, 0411210209 or adam.peatey@abilitygroup.com.au.

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Welcome Adam Peatey

Adam Profile - Colour (Square)We are excited to welcome Adam Peatey to ABILITY GROUP. Adam is an accomplished expert possessing approaching 20 years’ workers compensation experience in  broker and client relationship management, injury / claims, underwriting, premium management and gaining all other facets of the industry gained across businesses of all sizes and industries.

Having worked closely with Adam as our Employers Mutual Relationship Manager for the last 3-4 years, we were excited when Adam wanted to join our team.  With Carmen retiring, we are very happy to ensure the exceptional level of client and broker support will continue via Adam and as supported by Julie, Marc and the rest of the team.

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Legislation Change Appeal Success

WorkCover Appeal SuccessUnofficial industry views indicate the recent NSW workers compensation legislation and premium formula changes resulted in 75% of medium to large businesses expecting higher 2015/16 Renewal Premiums. ABILITY GROUP has already won NSW WorkCover appeals on behalf of our clients reducing premiums payable. Higher renewal & need help?

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Rehabilitation & Health In Safe Hands

HEALTH ABILITY Logo (Square Small)We are very pleased to announce our HEALTH ABILITY specialist business is now an accredited NSW Workplace Rehabilitation Provider. Our new General Manager Emily Taylor is actively running our specialist rehabilitation & health services.

The recent NSW legislation changes also mean workers compensation claim related rehab services do not increase the cost of these claims and importantly no longer impact subsequent premiums – effectively making rehab services, an important catalyst for accelerating the return to work of injured employees, free for NSW businesses.

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Making Complex Simple

Making Complex SimpleWorkers compensation and related matters are often complex and confusing. Engaging specialists can assist in saving you money, effort and frustration. ABILITY GROUP has a history of delivering tangible benefits to both clients and partners. If your time is valuable and workers compensation or related matters are distractions from your core business, you could benefit from specialist assistance.

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