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Increasing Workers Claim Fraud

According to a recent article there has been a significant increase in complaints in relation to workers compensation claims fraud. Fraudulent claims include claiming for a non-work related injuries, failure to declare information, altering medical certificates, etc. The recent conviction of a fraudulent worker highlights the emphasis placed on legitimate claims.

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icare Announce 2018 Claims Partners

At the end of April 2017, icare announced 2018 claims service partners for the NSW Workers Compensation scheme. As a shock to most in the industry, icare communicated that EML had been successful in being selected as the sole agent for new NSW cworkers compensation claims effective from 1 January 2018. This is a major change for NSW with the remaining 4 existing agents (i.e. Allianz, CGU, GIo & QBE) existing at various times.

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Claim Review Saves Client $400,000

After a new client engaged ABILITY GROUP to assist with a complex claim, our efforts secured a fantastic outcome that will save our client approx. $400,000 in premium increases. By the time we were involved,  solicitors and an arbitration date we already booked. The insurer had communicated very little to the client and what the injured worker was seeking through a settlement was a large amount that would have significantly impacted their premium.

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icare Announce 2018 NSW AGENTS

Earlier this afternoon, icare announced the 2018 NSW workers compensation agents. Following CGU announcing their exit from NSW workers compensation, further important changes were announced today by icare. Per our previous articles it was widely expected the current 5 agents (Allianz, CGU, EML, GIO & QBE) would be reduced to 3 for 2018 onward.

Given the timing of today’s announcement, it is our current understanding that from 2018 onward, the following will occur:

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icare update – NSW Transaition

From 1st March 2017 all new NSW workers compensation policies are required to be lodged directly to icare via their online portal. Businesses retain an option to select which insurer will manage their claims. Renewing policies from 30 April will transition.

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NSW Workers Compensation Scheme Review

A NSW Parliamentary review of Workers Compensation Scheme has been released providing recommendations to improve the NSW scheme. The report revealed the scheme is $1.87B in surplus, claims have reduced materially (110,000 in 2011/12 to 60,000 in 2015/16).

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CGU Exit NSW Workers Compensation

With continued market speculation, earlier today it has been confirmed that CGU will exit the NSW workers compensation scheme when their agency agreement with icare expires at the end of 2017.

Per our previous articles and as recently as our February 2017 Update, it was expected that the current 5 agents (Allianz, CGU, EML, GIO & QBE) would reduce to 3 agents for 2018.

With the announcement of CGU’s decision to exit the scheme questions will be asked as to if icare will be happy with 4 agents at approximately 45% market share or if they will pursue the anticipated reduction to 3 agents.

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icare Change Update

icare recently held NSW briefing sessions to update consultants / brokers on the upcoming changes regarding the insourcing of premium & credit/payment functions from insurers. A phased approach is hoped to facilitate a smooth transition. In the next few weeks the new portal will be launched for new business only, this is for new companies taking out a policy for the first time.  The next major phase of change is currently scheduled for April, where all client renewals will be managed through icare for the financial year 2017-18.

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