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Introducing Michael

Michael joins our team with extensive injury & claims management, Work Health & Safety (WHS) as well as workplace safety compliance experience. In completing his Bachelor of Commerce, Michael’s understanding of  business complements his desire to help people & prevent risks.

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Early Intervention Benefits

Early intervention practices can foster a happy & healthy workplace. Responding early to incidents or situations, can help prevent workers from becoming ill, taking long-term sick leave or submitting a workers compensation claim. Policies & procedures also play an important role.

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Wage Audits & What To Do

Wage AuditWith the Easter long weekend upon us and with most NSW insurers having completed their outstanding renewal premium processing, ABILITY GROUP have been assisting clients and brokers with a larger number of enquiries regarding icare (previously WorkCover) Wage Audits.

Icare have a compliance program that verifies if employers have paid their correct premium. To ensure that employers are paying the appropriate workers compensation premium, legislation gives icare and the Nominal Insurance Agent right to access an employer’s wage records in conducting a Wage Audit. When an audit reveals a business has under declared their wages, the employer must pay the outstanding premium as well as a late payment fees dating back to when the premium was originally due. In addition, when wages have been under declared by more than 25%, the employer will be charged the wage audit cost.

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Health Ability Welcomes Tania

Profile - Tania (Square)We are excited to welcome Tania to ABILITY GROUP. After 4 years as a clinical physiotherapist, Tania joins HEALTH ABILITY as a specialist rehabilitation consultant. With expertise in assessing and treating a variety of injuries, impairments and conditions, Tania’s professional and enthusiastic approach will assist in accelerating the return to work of injured workers following a workplace injury.

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Work Capacity Decisions

WCC DecisionA decision made by Workers Compensation Commission Deputy President O’Grady in Sabanayagam v St George Bank Ltd [2016] on 21 January 2016 has resulted in important changes for NSW businesses. Effective immediately, any decision to cease a workers’ weekly payments of compensation need to be communicated via a Work Capacity Decision (WCD).

This decision is important as it effectively means a legislated 3 month period is required for the WCD to be completed. In context of the 30 June 2015 changes and therefore under the new NSW workers compensation premium formula, it means the additional wage costs will impact a business’ workers compensation premium for the following 3 premium renewals. As a result it is will be increasingly important to ensure all claims are managed in a timely and effective manner. Use of specialists to expedite outcomes will assist businesses in minimising the people, business and financial costs.

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Onsite Physio Benefits

Onsite Physio Benefits8+ million Australians go to work each day with many in manual or sedentary workplaces. Mounting evidence supports onsite physio as a strategy to minimise workplace injuries. With an average of 1/3 of an individual’s life spent at work, it is becoming vital for businesses to adopt measures to prevent, manage and educate employees regarding their health. Using a physio in the workplace is a preventative strategy for businesses wanting to minimise costs, reduce workers compensation claims and more.

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Introducing Andrea

Profile - Andrea (Square small)Andrea joined ABILITY GROUP in September 2015 as our Office Manager. Supporting our growing businesses keeps Andrea very busy and many of our clients and partners would have either spoken with Andrea, met her via email or in person.

Originating from Columbia, Andrea studied law before immigrating to Australia. Andrea expertise spans HR, customer service, business administration, finance and related matters.

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Welcome Adam Peatey

Adam Profile - Colour (Square)We are excited to welcome Adam Peatey to ABILITY GROUP. Adam is an accomplished expert possessing approaching 20 years’ workers compensation experience in  broker and client relationship management, injury / claims, underwriting, premium management and gaining all other facets of the industry gained across businesses of all sizes and industries.

Having worked closely with Adam as our Employers Mutual Relationship Manager for the last 3-4 years, we were excited when Adam wanted to join our team.  With Carmen retiring, we are very happy to ensure the exceptional level of client and broker support will continue via Adam and as supported by Julie, Marc and the rest of the team.

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Difficult Claim Intervention

Claim InterventionDifficult workers compensation injuries and claims can have a dramatic people, business and financial impacts that can cause problems for your customers/clients.  ABILITY GROUP specialises in providing a variety of injury and claim management related services that assist businesses and brokers navigate the complexities of workplace injuries and workers compensation claims in achieving favourable outcomes and allowing them to focus on their core business. As an example, 9 months after the original injury ABILITY GROUP was engaged to assist a client with a difficult workers compensation claim. Our client had typical time pressures and with the injured worker continuing to be paid, claim costs were escalating.

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Reduce Impact of Claims

ABILITY GROUP | Reduce Claims ImpactReduce Impact of Claims

For many businesses, workers compensation claims don’t only impact customers and other workers, they can have severe financial impacts. Since 1 July 2013, NSW legislation reforms mean businesses with workers compensation premiums >$30,000 are claims experience rated. In simple terms this means these premiums will increase for 3 years due to claims costs and often for every $1 in claims costs you pay more in premium. Like to reduce the impacts of claims?

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