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Workplace Violence

Unfortunately workplace violence accounts for over 9% of Australia’s workers compensation claims. Workplace violence can result in both physical & psychological injuries with the age care industry being more susceptible. Providing workers support and assistance is important in minimising risk and injuries.

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Avoid Looking Like Santa

The festive season is a peak time for weight gain. During the festive season, a typical Australian Christmas day is often centred around family, friends, eating and drinking. For many of us it is the culmination of weeks of socialising and overindulging.

After gaining around 2kgs, many people’s NY resolution is to try and lose this weight during the remainder of the year.

So if you want to avoid looking more like Santa than you would like read more.

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Workplace Health

workplace-healthThere is a lot of talk these days in relation to if businesses have a responsibility in identifying poor health habits in their workforce and therefore can facilitating a healthy workplace help minimise related issues. Numerous studies tell businesses that invest in the employees’ health and wellbeing will have a healthier, happier, more engaged and productive workforce. Reducing business costs of employee absences, presenteeism and injury can become a focus however there are other benefits. A Comcare report commences “Strong evidence shows that good employee health and wellbeing boosts organisational health.” Ok, sounds great yet what are signs of an unhealthy workplace and what can be done to address.

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Reducing Workplace Stress

Reducing Workplace StressFor many people stress has unfortunately become a constant in daily life. Irrespective of the level of stress a person experiences, the stress will impact their work as well their personal life. Both internal work pressure and external personal factors affect an individual’s mental and physical well-being.

In today’s social media and highly connected society, people are facing an increased variety of personal and professional pressures. The demands of fitting in work and life can take a toll if not managed carefully. Dealing constantly with deadlines, conflicting priorities, customer needs, appointments, etc. can become stressful for some. By assisting your staff to proactively manage workplace stress, you will help improve their job satisfaction as well as their ability to perform tasks at a higher level. An active approach to workplace stress management is a win/win for all involved.

Employers can take 6 simple steps to assist workers in reducing workplace and personal stresses.

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Safer Workplace in 8 Steps

Workplace Safety 8 Steps

Every business can take some simple steps to minimise risk of injury and improve workplace safety. Although office environments can seem less vulnerable to serious injury when compared to industries such as construction, manufacturing, aged care, etc., risks exist across all industries.

Irrespective of the workplace environment steps can be taken to minimise workplace risk. Injuries and claims commonly result from workers tripping, slipping or falling. Poor manual handling activity, incorrect workstation set-up, lack of rest and exercise breaks or strains and other injuries related to posture or repetitive movement are frequent causes of workplace injury. If not addressed, these problems can affect employee productivity, morale and absenteeism rates. Employers can take 8 simple steps to help minimise workplace risks and therefore create safer workplaces for their workers.

Want some simple steps for a safer workplace?

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5 Tips For A Healthier Workplace

Work health programA healthy workplace is not only good for your workers, it can also be very beneficial for your business. Implementing Wellness or Work Health Programs that focus on preventative health and lifestyle improvement often lead to greater productivity, less absenteeism, fewer injuries and a reduction of longer term costs. Even small changes can have a huge impact. For 5 Tips for a Healthier Workplace

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Manual Handling Training Benefits

Manual Handling Training BenefitsApproximately 1 in 3 workplace accidents result from manual handling related injuries and inexperienced employees often being at the greatest risk. Whether onsite or in offices these injuries can be avoided or minimised with appropriate training. Good posture and lifting techniques can help reduce the risks. Evidence also suggests workplace changes can also be effective strategy to minimise injuries.


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Introducing Emily Taylor

Emily Profile [Square]Emily joined our team several months ago as our General Manager running our new specialist rehabilitation business HEALTH ABILITY. With an Exercise Physiology degree and Masters in Physiotherapy, Emily is our rehabilitation expert and immediate escalation point. Emily actively adopts hands on approach to ensuring difficult cases are managed effectively as well as to remain closely engaged to rehabilitation related services.

Emily has provided specialist rehabilitation and onsite physio services with leading to a very diverse range businesses that include house hold names like; Qantas, Coco Cola, Australia Post, Toll Group, Westpac, Woolworths, Linfox, Aldi, RailCorp, Primo, etc.

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Rehabilitation & Health In Safe Hands

HEALTH ABILITY Logo (Square Small)We are very pleased to announce our HEALTH ABILITY specialist business is now an accredited NSW Workplace Rehabilitation Provider. Our new General Manager Emily Taylor is actively running our specialist rehabilitation & health services.

The recent NSW legislation changes also mean workers compensation claim related rehab services do not increase the cost of these claims and importantly no longer impact subsequent premiums – effectively making rehab services, an important catalyst for accelerating the return to work of injured employees, free for NSW businesses.

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Improve Workplace Health

Improving Workplace HealthAccording to NSW Government’s Get Healthy At Work, Australians spend one third of their lives at work, so being healthy at work can have some big benefits. Healthier employees are alert, fitter and more resilient against illness. A successful workplace health program improves productivity, attracts new employees, enhances business image and reduces absenteeism.

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