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NSW RTW Changes

You can be excused if you missed the recent important changes regarding RTW in NSW. At ABILITY GROUP we’ve got this and outline the key changes as well as how these changes impact NSW Category 1 and Category 2 businesses. If this makes no sense to you, then you should read more.

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Mental Health

Mental health issues are the 3rd most frequent health condition after cancer & health disease.  This means supervisors are likely to be managing workers suffering from a mental illness. We have identified common mental health hazards & workplace risk mitigation strategies.

An increasing concern for many businesses are the risks of mental health related incidents, injuries and resulting workers compensation claims. We have covered this topic previously and with psychological claims being 7-8 times more expensive than physical injuries the impacts of being reactive is a risk too large for many businesses.

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Does Workplace Rehabilitation Work

Does Rehab WorkFollowing disappointing previous experiences, we tend to get asked “Does workplace rehabilitation actually work?” Like most things when managed professionally, rehab will accelerate return to work (RTW) and help minimise people, financial and business impacts. Workplace rehabilitation providers are allied health professionals that are accredited to deliver workplace rehabilitation services to help injured workers return to work in a safe and sustainable manner. Unfortunately not all rehab providers and their consultants are created equally. We are very proud that HEALTH ABILITY has a 100% RTW Rate and actively contributing to sustainable RTW of our client and broker’s clients injured workers. To find out more about rehab and it being free for NSW businesses click through…

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Health Ability 100% RTW Rate

We Love RehabThe main focus of the workers compensation is to enable injured workers to stay at work or return to work following a work related injury. Workplace rehabilitation plays an important role by involving timely intervention with appropriate and adequate service based needs to assist injured workers back into the workplace. We are pleased to say our specialist rehab business HEALTH ABILITY has a 100% return to work rate and can support businesses.

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