What's CoveredAn accident at the Sydney Royal Easter Show resulting in several employees being badly injured whilst playing on the super-slide at 12:20am and after the show closed, would make many question if they should be covered by workers compensation. Given the severity of the injuries, WorkCover NSW are investigating this particular incident. Reflecting on this, we recall clients and partners asking what is and isn’t covered by workers compensation?
Unfortunately for business owners, workers compensation is a no-fault system where employees or sub-contractors who are even under the influence of drugs and alcohol or acting carelessly are typically covered. Given each scheme (state, specialised licences, national, etc.) is different, there is regrettably no easy answer. What this means is businesses need to be acutely aware and cautious.

What’s Covered By Workers Compensation – although a couple of years old below is a very comprehensive document covering workers compensation scheme comparisons by Safe Work Australia.

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Source: Safe Work Australia

Title: Comparison of Workers’ Compensation Arrangements in Australia and NZ (2012)

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Source: Business Insider Australia

Title: 5 people hospitalised after being seriously injured at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

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