We can appeal on your behalf?

ABILITY GROUP are experienced with the current NSW WorkCover appeal process and have been successful in recent wage audit related and other appeals on behalf of our clients.

Workers compensation is a highly technical area and dependent upon the specific circumstances there may be grounds for appeal against wage audits, late payment fees, etc.

Are you about to be wage audited and require assistance, contact ABILITY GROUP to manage your workers compensation appeals?

Case Study

Following a wage audit of a businesses prior 3 years of wages declared for their NSW Workers Compensation policies, a company needed expert knowledge and advice. ABILITY GROUP was contacted and subsequently engaged to conduct an initial review. Following discussions with the client, their accountant and insurance broker, our investigations revealed grounds for an appeal.

On behalf of our client, ABILITY GROUP gathered information required to create a compelling case for appeal in completing the WorkCover Appeals form, then lodging a formal appeal on behalf of the client.

ABILITY GROUP were able to eliminate the frustration and administrative effort for the client as well as being successful in securing $20,000 of refunds to alleviate the financial burden they had been faced with.

Need specialist advice?

  • Does the above case study sound similar to what your business is facing?
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  • Disagree with a recent wage audit and want to appeal?
  • Want to appeal workers compensation audit late payment fees?
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